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James Corcoran currently sits on the Board of Zoning Appeals for the County.  He believes that zoning is an important tool to keep our neighborhoods beautiful and separate from our business districts.

However, strong neighborhoods can't exist locally without insuring that local businesses thrive--allowing the people of Knoxville the prosperity to keep their neighborhoods beautiful.

The key to the balance is keeping spending reasonable, letting low city taxes attract businesses to the area.


As a Fiscal Conservative, James Corcoran believes in keeping spending and taxes low to allow everyone the greatest benefit of their own hard work.

The 2017 Elections for City Council are particularly important due to the recent passage of the "Improve Act" in the Tennessee Legislature.

The Improve Act, also known as the "Gas Tax" included a number of areas where local governments, including Knoxville, could vote to increase taxes in a number of areas to fund infrastructure-related improvements.  Our local government could potentially be requesting sales tax increases of up to 20% in the coming years if we don't keep our spending under control.

Remember, the last two City mayors have increased taxes, both blaming the spending of their predecessors.  Let's make sure our next mayor doesn't have an excuse to raise our taxes again.

Reducing Unfair Tax Breaks to Elites

James Corcoran is against unfair competition created by giving business elites tax breaks in the form of Tax Incentive Financing, except in rare circumstances.  There has been a recent increase locally in the granting of these incentives for businesses like luxury downtown hotels and luxury apartments, while projects that might legitimately benefit the public- like grocery stores in blighted areas are not being actively pursued.

Special incentives should only be for projects that truly benefit the people of Knoxville.


As Council Representative of Northwest Knoxville, James Corcoran would seek to ensure that expenditures are fairly distributed across the City, not just for "up and coming" parts of town.


One of the hot-button issues this year is responding to Donald Trump's immigration reforms.  James Corcoran believes in following the law of the land, complying with State and Federal requirements.

Short Term Rentals- "Air BNB"

After having spent a lot of time canvassing neighborhoods and meeting with people during the city-wide portion of the race, I have come to the conclusion that a one-size fits all approach to STRs is not the approach that is right for Knoxville.

If you look at the results of the City Primaries, both candidates from West Knoxville who made it through the hotly contested primary oppose STRs in traditional single family residential areas.  Contrast this with South Knoxville where there is demand for STRs in areas around the Urban Wilderness, where hotels and other similar commercially available lodgings are scarce.

I would support the creation of overlays, similar to our historic H-1 overlays that have rules guiding STR availability in traditional residential areas.  This would allow the City to decide on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis the appropriateness of Short Term Rentals.


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